The company is experienced in winning public procurements as well as in supporting the needs of private industrial plants. It is also involved in consulting about installations (spare parts or machinery) and optimal plant operation which includes logistics issues as well. In especially large projects there is a project management methodology which is designed per special case.

    Usual Steps when a customer contacts Annus Trading Ltd.

    Steps* to be followed from the uptake till the termination of a project concerning spare/wear parts:  

    1. Contact (telephone, e-mail or appointment) with the customer.  
    2. Visit of the premises where the wear/spear parts are going to be installed in order to appreciate technical (chemical composition) and economic issues.  
    3. Submission of copies of the drawings of the parts (customer’s side). In case there are no such drawings our designing team is coming at the customer’s yard in order to design anew the wear/spare parts.    
    4. Compilation of economic and technical report.
    5. After Sales Support: Technical support and maintenance when needed.

     *The project steps are differentiated according to the nature of the project. 

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